Monday, August 10, 2015

National's Game!!!

I'm going home with Elder Cook!
     On Monday we went shopping and then we did some emailing. After that we went and played some mini golf and then we found a sand volleyball court! So we played volleyball for the rest of the day and it was awesome. We had a little tournament and yeah it was sweet.
     Tuesday we had Zone Portion before District Meetings to announce the "winner" of the finding fest so that was pretty cool. As a zone we found 22 new investigators which is pretty dang good for one night. Then we had our district meeting which was about helping less active member and helping them find their way back. After lunch we did some service and helped cut down and chop up a dying pine tree, it was freaking sweet! Got back and Elder Cook and I went to another service, we helped Brother Smith pull weeds. We had dinner at the Canigiani's and it was a really fun time there.
Saying bye to my man, Elder Cook.
      Wednesday we had correlation in the morning and then we came back to the apartment and Elder Cook started packing. He packed for a bit and then we had some service, we helped a member in our Ward move and we got some other elders to help. For on of the loads with the truck Elder Rickertsen and I were in the truck stacking everything in there and we were like the master packers, Kings of Tetris! We packed that puppy good. After service Elder Cook and I had dinner with the Todd's and it was Elder Cook's last meal with members.
Elder Brady at the National's Ballgame
     Thursday was transfer day. Said goodbye to some good friends and this transfer was the beginning of most of them going home. Elder Cook left of course because he finished his mission and I got a new companion, Elder Babb. Elder Babb is from Snowflake, Arizona and he has been out for almost 23 I will send him home as well. Looks like I will be in this area for a bit longer, but that's ok, I like this area! Well we got back to the apartment from transfer meeting and we then went and helped with a move in the Leesburg Ward.
     Friday was Elder Babb's departing temple trip, so I was in a trio with some other elders whose companions were at the temple trip as well. When they got back from the temple trip Elder Babb and I went to see the Canigiani's and I guess he knows them from about a year ago. So that is pretty cool.
     Saturday was a fun day. We met up with Elder Grow and Elder Rickertsen and headed to the metro station, we traveled into DC and went to the....Nats game!! We were some of the first people through the gates and it was awesome! It was a "Day To Serve" game so we were able to go because we are missionaries...I'm not exactly sure how it works but it's sweet! Our whole mission was there as well as the DC North Mission so there was a lot of missionaries at the game. The Nats played the Rockies and won 6-1. It was just awesomeeee!
Nats Win!!!
"Day to Serve" at National's Baseball Game
     Sunday we didn't have Ward council so we did regular studies in the morning. Went to church and actually went to Gospel Principles today, it was my first time in the class since I've been in this area. It was really good and one of the guys that goes, Theo, really knows his stuff. We had dinner at the Smith's and it was pretty good, they are a sweet family. Well I hope everyone has a great week and stay happy! Life's no fun when you aren't happy.     
Elder Schenk

     ~ Elder Brady 

Elder Seely is training another one!
Elder Brady, Elder Seely & Elder Hardy

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