Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Year Mark! Hump Day! 🐪‏

     On Monday for Preparation day Elder Babb and I just hung out around our place, it was pretty  nice and relaxing. We contacted a referral we had received, but he wasn't very interested at all, in fact he had been taught before and has decided it isn't for him. That was a bummer, but that happens. We had dinner at the Gardner's and then Family Home Evening at the Canigiani's which was super fun, we watched "Meet The Mormons" and it was great.
     Tuesday we did some service, we helped a family that is moving load up a moving truck and they are moving to Montana. Then we went to an investigator's house in the Potomac Crossing Ward and did some service there. In the evening we went to the Canigiani's and had a game night, we played Scattergories which was super fun and afterwards we read from the Book of Mormon with them, it was awesome.
4-layer dessert on Hump Day
     Wednesday we had correlation at the Sister's leasing office because Sister Archibald was pretty sore. She had her appendix taken out Sunday night so yeah. After correlation the sisters said we could take the car so that made things a lot easier for the day. We had dinner at the Todd's, they are just a cool family to be around. year mark! Hump Dayyyy! 🐪 Anyway we had Zone Conference and then went to the Jones' and Sister Jones had made a Four Layer Dessert which was soo good! Thanks mom for having her do that! Went to dinner at the Smith's and then we did some biking.
     Friday we did some online and then did work. We were checking on some less active members on a list we got from Brother Jones all night, but we didn't have any luck at all, didn't get to see any of them.
     Saturday we got to use the sisters' car again! That 
Hump Day at the Jones'
was super nice and helped a lot. We did a lot of service for an investigator in the Potomac Crossing Ward again and we were there for awhile, but it was good.
     Sunday we went to ward council and then to church. At church we taught Sister Fairchild's class and that was fun like always. I love teaching that class. We had dinner at the Buhler's and they were a fun family to have dinner with. Their little girl was hilarious and was always laughing it was a super funny laugh to, she would snort here and there during it!
     Anyway that was my week and I hope ya'll had a good week too. Thanks for all the emails, I enjoy reading them a lot!
     ~ Elder Brady

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