Monday, August 31, 2015


     Monday we had the Zone Activity at the mission home and it was pretty fun. We grilled burgers, hung out and had fun. I found a little cow roping dummy so Elder Babb and I roped it and then I taught Elder Rickertson how to rope. There was also some longboards there so we did that then we played some volleyball, it was pretty sweet. Elder Babb and I had dinner at the Jones' and then we went to an investigator's home in the Potomac Crossing Ward and helped the elders with some service there.
Finally burning a shirt! Fire
     Tuesday we didn't come up with much, it was a bummer actually. We had dinner at the Canigiani's which was fun, they are awesome! Then we went back to Potomac Crossing and helped with service again. 
     Wednesday we had Zone Training and it was pretty much all focused on finding. It was focused on finding because we are going to have a big, zone-wide finding fest here pretty soon where all we do all day is find. It's kind of crazy and kind of fun because of course the Zone Leaders had to go and make it a competition.
     Thursday we were with the Potomac Crossing elders again, helping them out. Service is awesome I love it!
     Friday was a member day, all we did all day was see members. It's a good thing though! We talked with the Gardner's who are sweet and she is the young women's president so we talked to her about a family who had moved in who has a daughter that age. Next we saw the Noselli's who are a less active family, very less active but they are super awesome! He loves football so with football season here I'll have someone to talk with who knows what's going on! Woot woot!
     Saturday we went to the Canigiani's to get our bikes because we had left them there the other day but Jon needed our help so we ended up staying and helping him. Helping him turned into dinner so that was good for us!
     Sunday we had Ward council and then church. At church we helped Brother Smith teach his class and they are a....spirited..class. It was fun though. We went to dinner at the Canigiani's, they are just super awesome and do a lot for us. Afterwards the Potomac elders came and got us and I burned a shirt for my year mark! It's like a week late but hey better late than never I guess. It was sweet! Have a great week everybody!
     ~ Elder Brady

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