Monday, April 4, 2016

Cherry Blossoms/General Conference!!

     Hey y'all I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend! It was General Conference and it was so good! I got asked which was my favorite talk and I really couldn't pick one, there were so many good ones and so many struck me, that it is impossible to really pick a favorite. Anyway I'll tell you a bit about this past week.

     Monday for our P-Day we went into DC to see the cherry blossoms and it was awesome! They were a little better than they were last year, but not the best they could be, we probably missed he peak of it by about a day or so but it was still really good. We were just walking around looking at things and we got a text from our Zone Leaders telling everyone to leave DC as quick as they good, there was a shooting at the Capitol! It was pretty crazy, but nothing happened to any of the missionaries so we are all good.
     Tuesday morning was our district meeting and it was on asking good questions, ones that are inspired. I've come to see that questions can make a huge difference in a lesson and the better and more thoughtful and spiritually inspired they are the more we have God working through us to that specific person. It was really good. Went to the office and printed out some baptism pictures of people baptized to put on our 300 wall. Went to dinner at the Hodgdon's, who are sweet, and spent some time with them. We gave the dad a blessing and shared the Glenn Cunningham story with them, the spirit was really strong. For those of you who don't know who Glenn Cunningham is go look him up, there's a story about him which is really inspiring. It's about him being able to run, you'll know it when you read it!
Endure to the End Group
     Wednesday morning I had my Endure to the End meeting. It's basically a meeting where everyone that goes home in three or four months get together and President talks to us about not just coasting to the end. Not giving up early. It was pretty good and there are so many ways we can coast, but we need to focus and stay chugging till the end. Anywho, after lunch we went to the office and did some work there, took most of the night.
     Thursday we spent most of the day in the office trying to get a lot of things done. I swear there never seems to be an end of stuff we have to do haha it's kind of nice and yet kind of not. Good thing is we are always busy for sure. Funny story: while at the office Sister Alcantara called (she is from Peru and still doesn't get some American phrases) and wanted me to explain to her what "white trash" is. Haha it was super funny but it's really hard to try and explain that to someone who doesn't know any other phrases like hick, hillbilly, and redneck. Sister Alcantara is in a trio and I guess the other two sisters said it and she didn't know what it was and they couldn't explain it so she decided to call me.....I don't know what that means but ok whatever haha. After dinner we went on exchanged with the Braddock elders and I went with Elder Hudson to institute, that was pretty fun and pretty interesting.
     Friday we did our weekly planning which took awhile and then we went to the Burr's house for dinner. Earlier in the day I got to hear from my trainer! Elder Seely called and said they were in town and he wanted to come see me the next day.
Elder Brady & Cole Seely (my trainer visiting)
     Saturday Elder Seely and his family are out here and he came by to see me so I got so talk with him and meet his family. He has been home for six months already it is super weird. After meeting with Seely we went to the office to unlock it so a set of sisters could get some materials they needed for a lesson. We watched General Conference at the Andersen's, a senior couple in the mission, and it was sooo good! We ate dinner at the Payton's house and then went to the Priesthood Session at the stake center and that was also really good!
     Sunday we went back to the Andersen's and watched Conference there again. I was sad when it was over, it was a really good Conference. I had a lot of the talks that I really liked so it's hard for me to choose a favorite. We went to dinner at the Wadsworth's and then went and checked up on a potential but no one was home. Then to the office to do numbers.
     Well this week was really good and I really, really enjoyed General Conference. I've come to appreciate it a lot more since I've been on a mission because of what we can learn and we get to hear from our church leaders. Anyway this one was really good! I hope y'all learned something from Conference that was meant exactly for you and put it into your life to use it. Have a great week and Happy Birthday to my big sis Kayla!!
     ~ Elder Brady

Elder Chan & Elder Brady at Cherry Blossom Festival
Washington DC
Missionaries I will come home with.
Elder Brady, Elder Neyman, Sister Taylor, Elder Frew & Elder Sanders 

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