Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Minion Day

     Hey y'all I hope you are doing well and living life to the fullest. The days are starting to warm up out here and I don't know if I'm ready for the heat yet. I'm definitely more of a cold weather kind of guy I guess.
     Anyway on Monday we did our shopping and then went to the stake center to play some ball. We had a couple of good games and then a few of us went to a park and tossed the football and baseball around. It's super nice to be able to go outside now. After dinner we ran to the Ox road building to drop a ball off to the Braddock elders and pick up a bag for another missionary. We then went to the office and did the Warrior Report.
     We had district meeting this morning and we talked about the vine of Christ and how we are a branch of that vine. We reach out to others and help bring them unto Christ. Not only us missionaries but all the members of this church are to reach out to those around us. After lunch we went to the office and ended up trying to fix a printer but it was the outlet that wasn't working so they are having someone come in to fix it. We ate dinner and then went on exchanges with Brother Bold to go to one of the families he home teaches who is a less-active and his wife isn't a member. It went well, Elder Chan and I shared our stories of why we came on a mission.
     Wednesday morning we had an apartment inspection by the Torgersen's and then went to the office to have a meeting with some of the senior couples. The meeting was mainly about moving out the queen size beds and buying new twin size ones but President Huntsman came to our  rescue and said not to do it. It would have been a lot of work for us and taken us away from proselyting even more than we already are. After that we helped President and the APs make some small and simple goal videos. The APs send one out almost everyday and the mission really makes a focus to obtain or do that goal, it's pretty cool. We had dinner with the Buss family and their little daughter said it was Minion Day tomorrow so we had to sign a paper and wear purple or yellow.
     Thursday, Minion Day, I wore a yellow tie and Elder Chan wore a purple tie. It was awesome! We had MLC this morning and President talked a lot about the Mission Vision, and the APs talked about creating model areas. It was pretty good and seemed to excite the missionaries there, which are all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders so that's a good thing. We went to the office to do some work there before dinner. After dinner we tried some people but no luck so we tracted a little bit. We talked to this lady named Retana and she was really nice and took a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet so that was sweet!
     Friday we met the Ito's at the storage sheds so Elder Ito could look around again and make some decisions with what to do. He told us he needed a spot leaned out and have a bookshelf set up for him by Monday. Thanks man. After lunch we went to the office and sent a bunch of iPads back to Salt Lake, most of them are from missionaries that have gone home but some are just broken. When we got back to the apartment we did some weekly planning. During dinner we played truth or dare with the other elders and Elder Bunn had to drink an egg raw with ketchup in it, it was gross! After dinner we did a blitz in our area with the Braddock elders and did some tracting but we didn't get many nice answers...oh well.     Saturday morning we took Elder Chan to meet up with some other missionaries so he could go to the temple with a recent convert from one of his previous areas. Elder Bunn, Elder Hudson and I were in a trio the rest of the day so that was fun. We cleaned out one of the storage sheds and took some stuff to Goodwill. We had dinner at our Bishop's house and had breakfast for dinner. After that Elder Bunn and Elder Hudson had a bunch of non-members playing basketball with some of their members so we wet and played with them, it was pretty fun. When the day was over we went and picked up Elder Chan and headed back to the apartment.
     Sunday was fast and testimony meeting which was really good, they are always good. I also got to help pass the sacrament which was cool, I haven't done that in awhile. After church we had Missionary Correlation and then Ward Council. We then went to the Torgersen's (related to the senior missionary Torgersen's) and met and talked to them for a bit. We decided to take some little snack things Elder Chan had to the less-active member we had seen earlier this week with Brother Bold and talked wi him for awhile. So we ended up being short on dinner time so we picked it up from a member's home and ate it at the church. After we are we hustled over to the Mueller's home and we're giving a spiritual message, at the end of it when Elder Chan was about to bear his testimony their puppy started peeing on the floor haha end of that message pretty much. We had to leave anyway though so we could go on exchanges with Brother Bold again and see more of his home teaching families with him.
     Well this week was an alright week, we had some good things happen and some not so good things happen but that's life. Life is a roller coaster and we are here to ride it and have fun. I hope you are all doing well and still thinking about Conference! Don't let it just slide away till you forget about it, remember it and learn from it so you can continue to become better. Have a great week and be awesome!      ~ Elder Brady

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