Monday, April 25, 2016


Elder Jones and I chowing down
on dinner at the mission home

     Hey everybody I hope y'all are doing good! This past week was pretty good for me and it was transfer week, I'm not getting transferred so no worries there. Anyway transfer week is always the busiest week for us, but I think it's one of my favorite times as an office elder.
     Monday was an okay p-day, we were going to play football, but Elder Chan wasn't feeling the best, so we went to the stake center instead so he could be inside and lay down if he wanted to. The rest of us played a little basketball, but not much because most everyone was playing football. After basketball we went to a couple thrift stores just looking around. After dinner we went into the office to do the warrior report.
     Tuesday morning we started moving furniture to all the apartments opening or to trios, there is only one trio and one apartment opening so it should be easy but nope. Went to move furniture into the new apartment and we couldn't get in because we didn't have a key, we got a key and put our first load in and were coming back to unload a second when Elder Andersen (senior missionary) called us and told us to stop! There was some problems with the complex and opening the new apartment, so we had to take all the stuff back out that we had put in. That was a pain, we did have a lady come up to us and say she wanted missionaries to come back and teach her two daughters. I guess they were being taught about a year ago but stopped. Then we took a bed and a dresser down to Manassas for the trio.
     Wednesday morning we met Elder Andersen at the office and we went to pick up the U-haul we were renting for transfers. Got the Uhaul and went back to the office to help the APs with some last minute transfer work and then headed into Ronald Reagan Airport to pick up the new missionaries! We usually drive around the airport 4-6 times and then President and Sister Huntsman and the AP's come out with the new missionaries, but this time we went around 21 times! Elder Chan was getting sick. We found out their flight had been delayed and no one had told us, so we could go park somewhere -- awesome. Anyways then we took them into DC to see the Lincoln Memorial and at the memorial Elder Jones and I always slide down the side of the stairs on this little ramp like thing, except Elder Jones crashed and burned this time haha it was awesome! There were tons of people there too! It's ok though he laughed it off like a champ. Got back to the Mission Home, ate dinner and got to know the newbies while President interviewed them one at a time, then we took them to the hotel.
     Thursday was transfer day. In the morning we picked up the new missionaries from the hotel and headed to Centreville. We had the trainers and trainees meeting and then got some lunch before transfers. Elder Chan and I are staying together for another transfer and he goes home next transfer, which means this will be the third companion I send home. After transfers Elder Chan and I went to the office and got Sister Huntsman's transfer board cards done for the new missionaries, so she could put them on the board she has at the Mission Home. We had dinner with the departing missionaries and played some volleyball afterwards. Then all the departing missionaries had a chance to bear their testimony, which is one of my favorite parts, and Elder Jones bore his too because he goes home before the next transfer. When everyone was ready we took them to the hotel, Dan (President Huntsman's son) was riding with us again and he's awesome. On the way there we got a call from Elder Blanchard, who was right behind us and we were racing them, saying the back of the U-haul was open. I though he was just messing with us trying to get us to stop, but we decided Elder Chan better jump out and check and sure enough it was open. One of the missionaries had left it open when they were getting some of their stuff out at the mission home, it was hilarious! Nothing fell out though so we were good.
Dulles Airport
     Friday morning we got up early, picked up the departing missionaries, and took them to Dulles Airport to catch their ride home. After that we went to Denny's to have the traditional breakfast with the APs and two other sets of elders showed up. After breakfast we returned the U-haul and then went back to the apartment and took a nap. It was soooo nice! Woke up, grabbed some lunch, and went to the office to do transfer board cards, update contacts and some other things. Tonight Elder Hudson was messing around and lit a ping pong ball on fire which set off our brand new fire alarm. He was standing there covering the fire alarm, yelling help, and trying to blow the smoke away from the fire alarm. It was pretty funny! Then once it started going off he took it off the wall and stuck it under a couch cushion to make it be quiet, haha it was great!

     Saturday we went to the office and did some work there and then we went and blitzed our area with the Braddock elders. Elder Bunn and I got into a guy's house, but it wasn't much of a discussion, it was mostly him just going off on what he believed and he wouldn't let us talk much. On our way back to dinner Elder Chan and I stopped to help an elderly couple who were working on their front yard. They were digging holes to plant two trees, that kind of thing is right up my alley. The digging holes part anyway. We helped them for about an hour and a half, got both the trees planted and then they invited us in for watermelon. They spoke broken English so it was a little hard to understand each other but it was good, felt nice to do some work.
     Sunday was good, church was good like always. During the third hour we got asked to teach a class in 10 minutes for about 10 minutes so we went into a young women's class and taught them a little about the Apostasy and why we needed a restoration. It was pretty good and I don't mind teaching so that's a good thing. After church we had our ward missionary correlation and then ward council. Then we went to dinner at the Fleming's and as soon as that was done we headed back to the church for a musical fireside our ward put on. It was really good and it was a great thing for people to bring non-member friends too. After we talked to some people we went to the office to do some numbersssss.
     Well it was a busy week but it was a good week. Transfer week is always the most hectic, but it's awesome because we get to be with new missionaries and departing missionaries within a couple days of each other. We get to see both sides of the spectrum and how excited both are. Usually there are a lot more tears from the departing missionaries, but I'm beginning to understand that. Anyway I'm excited to be staying in the office, it's pretty fun. Well I hope y'all have a great week! Stay happy and awesome!     ~ Elder Brady

The departing sisters laughing at us with the Uhaul door open

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