Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Busy Busy Week...

Springfield Zone
     Hey Hey I hope everyone had a great week! My week was pretty good just staying busy doing the work that is given to us. We always seem to have something else to do, but I like being busy it helps to keep me out of trouble a little bit.
     Anyway a on Monday for P-Day we had our Zone Activity. We went to a park and played whiffle ball and kickball with the whole zone and had a BBQ so that was fun. Afterwards we switched vehicles with the APs so we could have the truck to move some stuff. We took a full size bed over to Alexandria to an investigator of some sisters. She had bedbugs and couldn't afford to get a new bed and we were trying to get rid of it anyway so it worked out great. When we were dropping off the bed a lady started yelling at us from a second story window. She was saying how we always come around on our bikes in our shirts and ties getting all up in people's business. It was kind of funny but I don't think she cares for missionaries all the much.
     Tuesday morning Elder Hudson and I were playing "What are the odds" to see what we could get each other to wear to Zone Training today. He got me once so I had to wear boxing gloves but I got him three times, so he had to wear a funny shirt, moccasins, and carry his Ukulele around the whole time. It was hilarious! At Zone Training they talked about the Mission Vision and then seeing yourself achieving your goals, it was pretty good. After lunch Elder Chan and I went to the office and did the baptism pictures for the 300. We went to dinner with Brother Bold and Brian Short (A recent convert) and it was good, they're cool guys. Then we took a desk down to the Mt. Vernon elders.
     Wednesday we went on exchanges with Elder Ma and Elder Thygersen, Elder Thygersen came with me and Elder Chan went with Elder Ma. Elder Thygersen and I went to the office so I could put some people into the concert entry and then we went to the storage sheds to grab some stuff we needed to take to people after dinner. We had dinner with the Steiner's who are a part-member family, he dad is not a member. It was good, but I guess the dad isn't interested at the moment. After dinner we dropped of a bed frame to the Spring Lake elders, a lamp to the Algonkian elders, and then we drove up to Leesburg to drop off a dresser to the Shenandoah sisters. It took all night and was a lot of driving but it was good, Elder Thygersen and I talked a lot and he was asking a bunch of questions and asking for advice, it seemed a little weird to give advice but I hope I helped him out.
AP's and I ...
they were sleeping at Return and Report
     On Thursday we had Return and Report in the morning and we were all set up and ready and then we realized we had forgotten one of the videos, so we had to book it back to the office and get it. For lunch the APs make grilled cheese sandwiches and Elder Jones' grilled cheese making skills have gotten better since the last time he made one for me! Finished lunch and went to the office and got some stuff done there and hen we went to dinner at the Blaine's. After dinner we tried to find a referral but the address doesn't exist and he wouldn't answer the phone....
     Friday morning we had our office staff meeting and then the senior couples had brought us food so we ate lunch. After lunch we went with the APs and President Lowe to Tysons to pick up two brand new cars! I drove one back and Elder Jones rode with me while Elder Blanchard drove the other and Elder Chan rode with him, it was sweet! We met back up at the office and Elder Chan and I went to the storage sheds and met the Ito's and Torgersen's there to clean the sheds out a little. Basically they told us to just go through them both again and get rid of what we don't think the mission will use. So we took a trip to the dump. After dinner Elder Bunn and Elder Hudson came with us down to Mt. Vernon to finish cleaning out an apartment that is closing down there, it was a party.
Cherry Blossoms
      Saturday's morning we took some chairs, that were in good condition and we didn't think he mission would use, to an organization called ACCA. They take donated furniture and give it out to people that can't afford to get their own so that was pretty cool. After that we went to a Korean restaurant called IL MEE and it was really pretty good. It was a buffet but you could also order certain meats and they would cook it on little skillets right at your table! It was pretty cool. When we were done gorging ourselves (dad I used chopsticks the whole time!) we went to Oakton and started cleaning out an apartment that is closing. We didn't finish before we had to leave to go to dinner at the Alplanalp's house and they fed us more Korean! I guess it was a Korean kind of day. After dinner we tried a potential and a referral, both didn't answer. We then tried four less-active members and none of them answered either. I think we more than struck out tonight. Oh well we will keep going and working.
Street named after my Grandpa!
Not really, but hey it's cool.
     Sunday we went to church and it was good, in sacrament they talked about baptismal covenants and why they are so important, it was great! In Gospel Principles we talked about why the church focuses so much on families and marriage and why they are so important, which was also awesome! In third hour Elder Chan and I got to go in and teach the senior primary about the example of Jesus Christ. That was way fun and there were a ton of kids so it wasn't boring at all, they kept it interesting. It was a really good day at church that is for sure. Right after church we met with the ward missionaries and did our correlation then and we had ward council later. We came back to the apartment and Elder Chan went straight to sleep, he wasn't feeling good and pretty much slept the rest of the day. He woke up just long enough to eat some dinner and then went back to sleep again, poor guy.
     Well this week was pretty good, we definitely were able to stay busy busy busy. We had some good meetings this week and learned from all of them, missionary meetings and church are great places to learn something new you can implement into your life. I hope everyone is doing well and starting to get ready for summer, it coming! Thanks for the support y'all show me, it really means a lot. Stay happy and live life!     ~ Elder Brady

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