Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weirdness in the Fort

Hello my fellow awesome people!

Don't judge my letter today because I am in a weird mood. Well all us
elders are right now so no judging me. Anywayyyyy Elder Seely can't
get the alarm to go off right now and is yelling at the microwave,
like I said we are all in a weird mood. Well this week has been a
weird mood week..

Elder Jones, Elder Seely, and I played some madlib football this week.
It started off as a sort of studying tool, we would toss the ball back
and forth and when you caught it you said a word from the First Vision
and we tried to get it all said. It didn't work. We started saying
random things and eventually we were trying to say weird things...but
they still kind of had to make sense...kind of.... Sometimes they
didn't make any sense but a lot of the time we don't make any sense so
no worries! 

We had a Zone Conference this week and it was my first. It was way
good too and was all about the Atonement. I love the Atonement. Later
that same night, I think it was Thursday, we had a mission call.
President Riggs talked to the whole mission over the phone. Learned a
lot but one thing that's stuck in my head is "Don't let others control
your attitude." We always have agency! 

Friday night things got crazy in the apartment. It was Safari Down
Under! Elder Seely put Elder Jones' safari hat on anddddd then went
all Croc-hunter Seely on us. He was hilarious. At one point that night
he had all of us dying of laughter and rolling on the floor or falling
off the couches. Always a party in the Fort. (That's what we call our
area because it's Fort Belvoir) 

Yesterday we had a Half Mission Conference and a General Authority,
Elder Kopischke, came and talked to us. That's why our preparation day
got moved to Tuesday instead of Monday. He talked a lot about giving
all that we have to God but nothing more. We need to strive to give
OUR best and that's what God wants from us. We all are different and
so we all give different things and amounts. It was a great conference
even though it was 8 hours long.

Love, Elder Brady
Boy Band?
Elder McInerny, Elder Seely, & Elder Brady

Good thing we love to Bike
Elder McInerny with sombrero

Monday, October 20, 2014

1st Investigator Baptized

This week some good stuff happened. First off, well nothing exciting happened until Wednesday. on Wednesday we got us a pet! He was a tree frog and we named him Pierre. ( Obviously he's French ) When we went out for the evening we came back and he was gone! We found him just
chillin' in our laundry room like a boss. It also has been raining a lot but sometimes it's not really a rain but more of a mist. So it's great, we get a shower on the go. Whoop whoop!

On Thursday when we went to Maxwell's Esther was being hilarious. She let me do her hair in a Mohawk, but Gad didn't like it. Esther also started calling me "uncle" haha so ya. 

Friday night Elder Seely and I had a little more free time than usual coming home so we decided to make dumb little videos. Mostly of us messing around on our bikes. He ended up doing "The Titanic" down Pole Road which is this long road in front of our place. At the apartment we have been playing some pretty serious games. Muffin, Blow Dart, and Batman! They are all stupid. Haha but fun, the best ones are Blow Dart and Batman. In Blow Dart you look someone in the eye and act like you shoot them, if they're looking you in the eye when you shoot them they are hit and have to fall over like they have been hit with a tranquilizer dart. (We played it in church on Sunday) haha it's dumb but fun. In Batman you have to be looking in the eyes again but this time you put your hands up to your face like you're batman and if they look you in the eye they have to touch a knee to the ground. We play that one everywhere. 

Saturday was a big day. Sando Tagalm got baptized! He's from Ghana and is 23. Sando has only been in the U.S. For a little over a month but was so ready. He's the first investigator I've taught that has gotten baptized and it was awesome!! Elder Seely baptized him and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. It was so cool seeing someone I taught make the decision to get baptized and change their life.

Sunday Sando got confirmed and I got to stand in on that. Coming home late at night we came across a homeless guy. A HIGH, homeless guy, named Chucky. It was interesting, pretty sketch too. After we finished talking to him he wanted a hug from both of us..... Weird. Oh well hope it made his night a little better. 

We also played the World Cup in our apartment. We have this little rubber soccer ball and we decided to play soccer. Some intense soccer. It was crazy! The ball was all over the place and rocketing into us all the time. It was so fun though! We are lucky nothing broke I guess but you don't think about that, it makes it less fun. 

Love you all,
Elder Brady

Pierre - our pet frog

Elder S. playing Batman 
Elder S. & Elder B. riding their bikes
Maxwell's kids
Sando's Baptism on 10/18/14
Elder B., Sando & Elder S.
Elder B. & Elder S.

Monday, October 13, 2014

1st Transfer, but I didn't get changed. WooHoo!

Elder Brady with his little friend
So this week on Thursday was my first transfer meeting. Elder Seely and I are still companions which is awesome. Elder McInerny got a new companion though because Elder Ekins went home, the new elder's name is Elder Jones and he is from Oakley Idaho. Go Idaho! 

This transfer
meeting was a little different, instead of just the missionaries that are being transferred going to it, the whole mission was there. The reason for this was we got to watch "Meet The Mormons". Yeah buddy! Got to watch it a day before it came out WooHoo! It was so good too!! If you haven't seen it yet I strongly encourage you to go watch it. 

Friday night was a fun night. We were being stupid....again... and were trying to balance on one another. It was dumb, but fun haha. Then somehow I ended up on Elder McInerny's shoulders and he started spinning....and we ended up piled on top of Elder Seely on his bed! Some crazy goings on's be happening. 

So Saturday night the coolest thing happened! We went to a concert and it was the Nashville Tribute Band!! It was amazing!! I seriously like and love their music so much more now. About half way through the concert they surprised the missionaries by having us come up and sing a song
with them (I Was Born). It was so much fun and the spirit was so strong! Afterwards I got them to sign my tie haha and we just chilled and talked with them for awhile. It was so awesome! They are great guys.

During the day on Saturday another cool thing happened. Elder McInerny's mom got baptized. He got to skype them and actually gave a talk in the service. Good ole technology. He was super excited and that kind of rubbed onto all of us I think. These guys are awesome.

Miss and Love you all,

Elder Brady
District Sisters & Elders
Elder Ekins, Elder McInerny, Elder Seely & Elder Brady
wearing our handmade ties from Africa
Nashville Tribute Band Concert
Esther A. pretending to be a missionary

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Tradition . . . 9 Boxes of Mac & Cheese

Well Preparation Day got switched to Tuesday again this week because we had a driver's training thing that Elder Seely and I didn't really have to be at, because we don't have a car. So we had to sit and watch other people have fun while we didn't. Lammeeeee.

Anyway, this past week we have been trying to work with members more. This is really hard, especially in our ward because we are a military ward. Which means we have people always moving in or moving out constantly. Very hard to use the members. Still trying though.

There was a baptism in our ward this last Saturday. Brian Emmons (one of the sisters' investigators) done got dunked! Elder Seely and I got to teach the Restoration while Brian and Elder McInerny were changing. It was great. While we were teaching Esther and Gad Appiah were running around our legs and holding on to them. It was interesting but it still went great. Those two kids aren't afraid of us anymore, in fact Gad always wants to go with us when we leave now. They are funny kids. We watched a session of general conference at their house and they were crawling all over us, so we are going to have to go re-watch the session. Love those kids.

So we had another stupid idea. We decided to start a new tradition.... 9 boxes of macaroni & cheese before every conference! It was not one of our better ideas haha. We made it though... still working on eating it!

Made it through my first transfer! Transfers are this Thursday and we find out if Elder Seely is staying tonight. I hope so. He is awesome and we work great together not to mention the fun we have. We both want him to stay and so does Elder McInerny. Elder Ekins goes home this Thursday so his vote doesn't count. Well we will see.

That's it for this week. Gotta go. We're going to play basketball under a bridge!!! It's going to be sweetttttt!

Love, Elder Brady

9 boxes of macaroni & cheese
1st Baptism to participate in from our ward, Brian Emmons.
Elder S. & I were witnesses and we also taught about the Restoration.
Playin' a little basketball under the bridge. Fun!