Monday, August 31, 2015


     Monday we had the Zone Activity at the mission home and it was pretty fun. We grilled burgers, hung out and had fun. I found a little cow roping dummy so Elder Babb and I roped it and then I taught Elder Rickertson how to rope. There was also some longboards there so we did that then we played some volleyball, it was pretty sweet. Elder Babb and I had dinner at the Jones' and then we went to an investigator's home in the Potomac Crossing Ward and helped the elders with some service there.
Finally burning a shirt! Fire
     Tuesday we didn't come up with much, it was a bummer actually. We had dinner at the Canigiani's which was fun, they are awesome! Then we went back to Potomac Crossing and helped with service again. 
     Wednesday we had Zone Training and it was pretty much all focused on finding. It was focused on finding because we are going to have a big, zone-wide finding fest here pretty soon where all we do all day is find. It's kind of crazy and kind of fun because of course the Zone Leaders had to go and make it a competition.
     Thursday we were with the Potomac Crossing elders again, helping them out. Service is awesome I love it!
     Friday was a member day, all we did all day was see members. It's a good thing though! We talked with the Gardner's who are sweet and she is the young women's president so we talked to her about a family who had moved in who has a daughter that age. Next we saw the Noselli's who are a less active family, very less active but they are super awesome! He loves football so with football season here I'll have someone to talk with who knows what's going on! Woot woot!
     Saturday we went to the Canigiani's to get our bikes because we had left them there the other day but Jon needed our help so we ended up staying and helping him. Helping him turned into dinner so that was good for us!
     Sunday we had Ward council and then church. At church we helped Brother Smith teach his class and they are a....spirited..class. It was fun though. We went to dinner at the Canigiani's, they are just super awesome and do a lot for us. Afterwards the Potomac elders came and got us and I burned a shirt for my year mark! It's like a week late but hey better late than never I guess. It was sweet! Have a great week everybody!
     ~ Elder Brady

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Year Mark! Hump Day! 🐪‏

     On Monday for Preparation day Elder Babb and I just hung out around our place, it was pretty  nice and relaxing. We contacted a referral we had received, but he wasn't very interested at all, in fact he had been taught before and has decided it isn't for him. That was a bummer, but that happens. We had dinner at the Gardner's and then Family Home Evening at the Canigiani's which was super fun, we watched "Meet The Mormons" and it was great.
     Tuesday we did some service, we helped a family that is moving load up a moving truck and they are moving to Montana. Then we went to an investigator's house in the Potomac Crossing Ward and did some service there. In the evening we went to the Canigiani's and had a game night, we played Scattergories which was super fun and afterwards we read from the Book of Mormon with them, it was awesome.
4-layer dessert on Hump Day
     Wednesday we had correlation at the Sister's leasing office because Sister Archibald was pretty sore. She had her appendix taken out Sunday night so yeah. After correlation the sisters said we could take the car so that made things a lot easier for the day. We had dinner at the Todd's, they are just a cool family to be around. year mark! Hump Dayyyy! 🐪 Anyway we had Zone Conference and then went to the Jones' and Sister Jones had made a Four Layer Dessert which was soo good! Thanks mom for having her do that! Went to dinner at the Smith's and then we did some biking.
     Friday we did some online and then did work. We were checking on some less active members on a list we got from Brother Jones all night, but we didn't have any luck at all, didn't get to see any of them.
     Saturday we got to use the sisters' car again! That 
Hump Day at the Jones'
was super nice and helped a lot. We did a lot of service for an investigator in the Potomac Crossing Ward again and we were there for awhile, but it was good.
     Sunday we went to ward council and then to church. At church we taught Sister Fairchild's class and that was fun like always. I love teaching that class. We had dinner at the Buhler's and they were a fun family to have dinner with. Their little girl was hilarious and was always laughing it was a super funny laugh to, she would snort here and there during it!
     Anyway that was my week and I hope ya'll had a good week too. Thanks for all the emails, I enjoy reading them a lot!
     ~ Elder Brady

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fun Week!

Canigiani's dog, Oliver, all sprawled out.
     So Monday we did our usual Monday morning routine, we went shopping and then did some emailing. After that we went to the place where we could play sand volleyball and played that like all day. It was so sweet! Even we all probably aren't very good it was still super fun.
     Tuesday was district meeting and since Elder Rice left at transfers we have a new district leader, Elder Harper. He's been here for awhile and this is his last transfer so it's kind of weird he is district leader but the Lord knows best, Elder Harper was surprised when he got called as the district leader. It was really good though, we talked about developing our "weakest" Christlike attributes. When district meeting was over we went to lunch we Jon, Izzy, and Gabby Canigiani and then went back to their house. Elder Babb used their computer to look up some nutrition info and find a plan for Sister Smith, we are helping her come up with a diet and workout plan and it is actually pretty interesting and cool. We then had dinner at the Smith's and of course we gave Sister Smith her plan.
     Wednesday we had correlation at the Wride's home and then we went to the Smith's again to talk more about her Nutrition plan. We had dinner at the Roger's (a young family) and they are getting all packed up to move, they are moving to Montana! I talked to them for a bit about Montana so that was pretty cool. After dinner we went to the church and met a guy named Oscar who had called us earlier. We talked for a while and found out he was a member from the Richmond area, he was visiting his sister and wanted a ride to church on Sunday. 
Riding in Barrett's jeep, love that thing!

      Thursday we went with Barrett to this place to eat in downtown Leesburg and to get to the back gardens you have to walk through this little tinny alley that barely is big enough for your shoulders.. Not going to lie it was pretty sweet! Anyway we ate and then had a pretty long discussion with him about the church, he is awesome and wants to learn but something's just don't really make sense to him yet. Hopefully soon.
     Friday we went and did some service with the other elders for a sister in the Leesburg Ward and there was like 10 missionaries there helping out. We had to pretty much rearrange her whole storage unit that she has, take everything out and put it back in. It was crazy. We went with the Smith's to kind of show her the workouts she was going to be doing and then we went to the Vitamin Shoppe with them and helped her find the supplements she needed.
     On Saturday Elder Babb was trying to apply to college but he kept running into some roadblocks so he couldn't quite get it done. Then we went with Elder Grow and Elder Rickertson to their investigator, Heather's house and helped with some things there.
     Sunday we went to ward council and then went to church. At church we were in the primary teaching Sister Fairchild's class again and it was pretty fun. Those kids are crazy but awesome. Went to the Canigiani's for dinner and we helped make the whole thing! Woot woot! Brother Smith came to pick us up to go to a referral but right as he got there we got a phone call from the sisters saying that Sister Archibald was in the hospital and asked us to give her a blessing so we went straight there. When we got there she want checked in so we were there for awhile helping her get checked in and then gave her a blessing. She got her appendix taken out.
     Our week was pretty crazy but pretty fun so it was good. I hope ya'll had a great week as well and that you have a good one coming up. Love ya'll.     ~ Elder Brady

Monday, August 10, 2015

National's Game!!!

I'm going home with Elder Cook!
     On Monday we went shopping and then we did some emailing. After that we went and played some mini golf and then we found a sand volleyball court! So we played volleyball for the rest of the day and it was awesome. We had a little tournament and yeah it was sweet.
     Tuesday we had Zone Portion before District Meetings to announce the "winner" of the finding fest so that was pretty cool. As a zone we found 22 new investigators which is pretty dang good for one night. Then we had our district meeting which was about helping less active member and helping them find their way back. After lunch we did some service and helped cut down and chop up a dying pine tree, it was freaking sweet! Got back and Elder Cook and I went to another service, we helped Brother Smith pull weeds. We had dinner at the Canigiani's and it was a really fun time there.
Saying bye to my man, Elder Cook.
      Wednesday we had correlation in the morning and then we came back to the apartment and Elder Cook started packing. He packed for a bit and then we had some service, we helped a member in our Ward move and we got some other elders to help. For on of the loads with the truck Elder Rickertsen and I were in the truck stacking everything in there and we were like the master packers, Kings of Tetris! We packed that puppy good. After service Elder Cook and I had dinner with the Todd's and it was Elder Cook's last meal with members.
Elder Brady at the National's Ballgame
     Thursday was transfer day. Said goodbye to some good friends and this transfer was the beginning of most of them going home. Elder Cook left of course because he finished his mission and I got a new companion, Elder Babb. Elder Babb is from Snowflake, Arizona and he has been out for almost 23 I will send him home as well. Looks like I will be in this area for a bit longer, but that's ok, I like this area! Well we got back to the apartment from transfer meeting and we then went and helped with a move in the Leesburg Ward.
     Friday was Elder Babb's departing temple trip, so I was in a trio with some other elders whose companions were at the temple trip as well. When they got back from the temple trip Elder Babb and I went to see the Canigiani's and I guess he knows them from about a year ago. So that is pretty cool.
     Saturday was a fun day. We met up with Elder Grow and Elder Rickertsen and headed to the metro station, we traveled into DC and went to the....Nats game!! We were some of the first people through the gates and it was awesome! It was a "Day To Serve" game so we were able to go because we are missionaries...I'm not exactly sure how it works but it's sweet! Our whole mission was there as well as the DC North Mission so there was a lot of missionaries at the game. The Nats played the Rockies and won 6-1. It was just awesomeeee!
Nats Win!!!
"Day to Serve" at National's Baseball Game
     Sunday we didn't have Ward council so we did regular studies in the morning. Went to church and actually went to Gospel Principles today, it was my first time in the class since I've been in this area. It was really good and one of the guys that goes, Theo, really knows his stuff. We had dinner at the Smith's and it was pretty good, they are a sweet family. Well I hope everyone has a great week and stay happy! Life's no fun when you aren't happy.     
Elder Schenk

     ~ Elder Brady 

Elder Seely is training another one!
Elder Brady, Elder Seely & Elder Hardy

Monday, August 3, 2015

Jeffer. Is. Baptized.

     Monday we emailed and then went shopping. I'm really kind of getting sick of shopping.... Anyway after that we all hung out at our place all day again and had a relaxing day. Elder Cook and I had dinner at the Satina's house and they are from the Philippines and the food was super good! Barrett picked us up from there and we went to a "Young Adult" ministry with him and that was pretty fun. We got to meet some cool people and that's always good for us.
     Tuesday we did a lot of walking around trying to talk to people but nothing really worked out. It was kind of a bummer of a day but that happens sometimes.
     Wednesday Elder Cook had his departing temple trip so another elder that is leaving came and picked him up and his companion stayed with me in our area. Elder Lowe and I went to district meeting and that was pretty good. After lunch we headed to ward correlation and then after that hoofed it home trying to talk to people on the way. Elder Cook got back and we went to dinner at the Larsen's. Evan, a friend of Barrett's, picked us up there and we went to hear Barrett give a bible study sermon. He did pretty good and most of the stuff he said we agreed with so it was pretty cool. After that Barrett took us to Chick-fil-A and we had a lesson with him there.
     Thursday we went to an investigator's and did service pretty much all day. Then Elder Cook and I walked to the Livsey's and had dinner there. I love having dinner there because they are hilarious! Their four boys are so funny and the dad plays right along with them, Elder Cook and I were trying so hard not to laugh the whole time. It was awesome! 
English Lesson at the Meng's with Tony & Steven
     Friday Elder Cook had departing interviews so Elder Lowe came back on exchanges with me and we had some fun. When Elder Cook got back we went to the Meng's and taught some English, this time Sister Meng's aunt and cousin were there and they took part in the lesson as well. Then we had some arm wrestles with them and they thought that was the funniest thing, then they made Elder Cook and I arm wrestle and we were in a stalemate for like five minutes. Nobody could win so we quit at the same time. On the way back we checked on some less actives but none of them were home.
Jeffers Baptism!!!!
Elders Oyler, Brady, Seely & Porter, Jeffer, Elders Westover,
Robbins, Johnson, Holtby, Petersen, & McDonald 
     Saturday something awesome happened.... Jeffer Wilson got baptized!! Woot woot! Jeffer is a guy I taught in my first area when I had just barely got out on my mission and he has been investigating for awhile, but he finally got baptized! When we got back to our area Elder Cook and I gave a member lady, Mary Allen, a blessing because she wasn't doing too good. After that we went and checked on a referral we had gotten but they turned out to not be interested so we struck out on that one. Oh well you never know the good you are doing.
     Sunday we went to church and it was Elder Cook's last Sunday! It's really weird to have your companion be going home, it's definitely a different feeling than if they are just getting transferred. Anyway we taught Sister Fairchild's class and they seemed crazier than usual, but they are so fun and awesome. After church we had dinner at the Scott's and then we came back to our apartment and did some online. At the leasing office there was a big party and lots of food and dancing, I guess it was a wedding reception or something, but it was nuts.
     Well that was my week, I hope you all had a great week! I miss you guys. I hope everything is working out alright for everybody, stay happy!
     ~ Elder Brady
Upside down walk signal Face with tears of joy