Monday, September 28, 2015

Day to Serve

     Monday we did our emailing and then got a ride to Chantilly and went shopping. While there a member saw us and bought is all some lunch, so that was sweet! After that we went and played some basketball and volleyball. In the evening we met with two investigators, Harry and Delaine Whittaker, who are super cool and we had a good conversation with them.
Elder Brady & Elder Overstreet
     Tuesday we had District Meeting, Elder Black is the District Leader and he does a good job of it. Went to lunch with a pretty much in-active member named Jagadish, who randomly asked if we wanted to go to lunch with him one time, so it was sweet. Then we went to the mall because Elder Overstreet's iPad somehow got messed up with the update, so we went to get it fixed, but they said we have to go back tomorrow.
     Wednesday we started off by going back to the mall and getting Elder Overstreet's iPad fixed and ready to go, but it took awhile. On the way back a guy stopped us and said he wanted to learn about our religion, so we exchanged contact info. His name is Lazero and he seems super excited to learn. Went to Frank's and talked with him about family history which he is working on and he loves it.
     Thursday we met with Bro. Johnson, the Ward Mission Leader, and talked about how we can better do the work with and in the ward. Then we met Frank at Bro. Bowen's house to help him do some family history work. We tried two potentials after dinner, but no luck there so we decided to try Lazero. We got in and we had a short lesson on the Book of Mormon and he seemed to really enjoy it. Super excited to see how things go with him.
Skinnying a tie
     Friday was a bit of a slower day which happens sometimes I guess. We were trying potentials pretty much all day and then we tried to get in contact with a previous investigator, but we were not able to get a hold of them.
     Saturday was "Day to Serve" and our ward did a food drive for a local food pantry. It went all day, but there were people there in shifts. We went from 2-4 and it was amazing to see how many people helped out. There were a lot of people that didn't look like they COULD help, but they would bring something out for it, or donate some change out of there pocket and it was just awesome to see what people will do for others. We took all the food to the pantry and then helped sort and stack it and that took awhile, but it was fun. As a ward we raised almost two tons of food for for the pantry!
     Sunday was a good day, we had ward council in the morning and then church right after. Today in church it was the primary program which was awesome! They are always funny, but always so spiritual as well, it's a great mix. After church we did our studies and then had dinner at the Rickard's, who are a part-member family and they are pretty cool. Afterwards we met with the Bishop and talked with him about what we can help each other with in the work within the ward. He is a great guy and is really missionary oriented, it's great.
     So this week was a pretty good week and I hope y'all had a good week as well. In my studies one day I started reading "Our Heritage", which if you don't know is a brief history of the church, and I highly recommend it to help strengthen your testimony of the church. It has amazing stories in there and shows the courage and faith of so many early members, it's a great book. Well I hope you guys have a great week and keep smiling.      ~ Elder Brady

Package from Home
Package? Yes, please!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Bye to the Canigiani's
     Monday we did some emailing and then we went and hung out with a bunch of elders. We played some football and then some basketball and I will never play sports again when I have my glasses and not my contacts. It was hard! Anyway so it was a pretty fun day and no one got seriously hurt so that's good.
Bye to the Jones Family
     Tuesday we did some service for Jon, we mowed and weed whacked his yard and it was actually kind of fun. It wasn't that hard because the yard isn't huge, but it still took a little bit. Had dinner and then had a game night with the Canigiani's and during the game we got the transfer email (they do an email instead of a call now) and we knew Elder Babb was going home, but we found out I was leaving and they were shutting down the area! It's crazy, I was expecting to stay another transfer, but I guess not.
     Wednesday was a HUGE pack day like all we did was pack, and say bye to some people. We went to correlation and then Bro. Wride took us out to lunch with Jon at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was super good. Did some more packing and then we went with the sisters to say bye to the Jones Family and they actually took us out to dinner, wasn't expecting that, but they are just awesome! Did some moreee packing and then said bye to Smith's after which we finally got most of the packing done.
     Thursday we went to Jon's and he made us some french toast for breakfast and we just talked. Barrett came over and said bye before we left so that was sweet, he is a cool guy. Jon gave us a ride to Centreville for transfers because he is awesome! Had to say bye to Elder McInerny, Elder Babb, and my trainer, Elder Seely, they are going home! My new area is Fair Oaks, and my new companion is Elder Overstreet. Elder Overstreet is from West Jordan, Utah, and has been out for three months. After transfers we went on a blitz (tracting one area with more than one set of missionaries) with the Chantilly elders.
     Friday the Zone Leaders dropped my bike off so we could bike instead of a lot of walking, I like biking a lot more. We did some weekly planning and then tried to see some people. We were able to see the Second Counselor (Bro. Rybiki) and his family and then the bishop (Bishop Burciaga) and his family. They were all super nice.
     Saturday we went to the Chantilly elders area and did another blitz and then came back to our area and did a blitz here. Woo tracting. After dinner we met with Frank Delvecchio and his kids, Frank and his oldest daughter, Hope (who is 9) have been recently baptized and his other two kids will be baptized when they are old enough. They are a cool family and they like the missionaries a lot. Woot Woot!
     Sunday we had early Ward council and then straight to church where I said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting. Church was really good and I only introduced myself maybe 20 times. At dinner I uhh made a guy cry.... I was sharing the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-9 and my personal cross reference to Proverbs 17:17 and when I read in Proverbs he started crying. He thanked me, said he really liked that scripture and that he needed to highlight it. He then told us a story of how is best friend had died and that scripture made him think of his friend. It was really spiritual and touching and then he said he had been able to do the temple work for his friend! It was super cool! After dinner we tried to visit the people on a list the bishop had given us and we met this nice young couple that told us to come back, they're less-active members but still.
     So this week was a pretty good week and I hope ya'll had a good week as well. I found this quote I really like so I'm gonna share it with you guys.
"Don't change yourself because you're afraid of what people think.
Change yourself because you want to be better."
     Don't be scared of what other people think and stop changing, stop progressing because of it. Trust in God and always work to change and progress and become more like him.
      ~ Elder Brady
Elder Brady, Zach Jones, and Elder Babb
Bye to Bro. Wride
 Bye to Barrett
Bye to my trainer, Elder Seely
Leesburg District - Back Row: E. Brady, E. Babb,
S.Gerber , E. Harper, S. Gardner, E. Rammell, Front Row: Sisters Archibald, Langford, and Manalang

Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Week

     Hey everybody I hope y'all are doing good and everyone had a good week. I had a pretty good week even though it was a little bit of an interesting week it was still a good one, it's all in your perspective. Anyway I'll tell ya about my week.
     Monday we did some emailing and then Elder Rickertsen and Elder Grow came and got us and we went to the mall. We just walked around, but it was still a fun time. When we got back we went on a little exchange, I went with Elder Rickertsen to one of their investigators and we put together a bed that they were having a hard time putting together. Exchanged back and Elder Babb and I went to our ward's Labor Day picnic which was sweet. There were quite a few non-members there and we played some football and ultimate frisbee, so it was fun.
     Tuesday we went to lunch with Jon Canigiani and then we went to an investigator's home and did some service there.
     Wednesday we had our ward missionary correlation and found out that our ward mission leader is the one that came up with and started the #LDSconf hashtag that the church uses during conference! It was pretty cool and funny actually. Later I had an eye appointment so we went to the eye doctor and it took longer than it should have, but they told me I have been wearing my contacts to much for too long....if that makes any I can't wear contacts for a couple weeks, straight glasses for me!
     Thursday and Friday Elder Babb was doing a lot of things for his school so I was doing some online proselyting and cleaning the apartment up a little bit.
     Saturday was a pretty cool day. We went to see a family that Elder Babb knows from a previous area named the Gregory's and they are awesome! Such a funny family, we were laughing almost the whole time we were there, it was sweet. After dinner we were at Wal-Mart and one of the workers, his name is Peter, came up to us and said he wanted to meet with us! Woot woot score! We are meeting with him on Monday and we are pretty excited for it.
     Sunday we had Ward Council and then we went to church. During Gospel Principles class we had an awesome lesson on prayer. One of the recent converts, Jan, was there and she was getting really emotional about God answering her prayers and the spirit was there for sure. After church we went to the Canigiani's for dinner and then we went to a New and Returning Member Fireside which is basically a testimony meeting of new converts and returning members. I have been to two of them now on my mission and they are awesome! The spirit is so strong there and there is a light that they have that's amazing to see.
     Well that was my week. I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for the emails I really enjoy hearing from everybody. Have a great week and remember to trust in the Lord because he is always there for us no matter what!     ~ Elder Brady

Monday, September 7, 2015


Elder Brady & Elder Babb relaxing!
     On Monday for preparation day we didn't really do much actually, it was more of a relax day. We did our emailing and then just hung out for a bit. Eventually we went to the Canigiani's and talked with Jon for a while.
     Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about our Christlike Attribute that we are working on and surprisingly most of us are working on the same one. Afterwards Elder Babb and I were able to borrow the sister's car for,a couple hours so that was pretty nice. Got some things done we couldn't have done without the car.
     Wednesday we had a long Ward Missionary Correlation, it was a lot longer than it should have been, but that's ok, whatever. After lunch we helped a member in the ward, Sister Ware, we helped her sister and brother-in-law unload a moving truck. It was cool and pretty fast and they are not members, so it was a good chance to talk to them.
     Thursday we went on splits with a young man/soon to be missionary Brandon Scott. He leaves for his mission in Madrid Spain on the 28th, so we got to go out with him and show him the ropes! He is a really good kid that knows a lot, but it was fun and we took him to see some people and even some we had never met before so it was good. After dinner we had a lesson with the Canigiani's which went super good and it was way fun.
     Friday we went to lunch with two investigators, Donny and Barrett. It was super sweet and we hadn't been in contact with Donny for awhile so it was cool to get back in touch with him. Anyway it was super fun and we talked about missions some more, they seem super interested in missions and why we come out and how they work. It's cool to explain it to them.
     Saturday we went back to help unload another truck for Sister Ware's sister and brother-in-law again and it was sweet. They are pretty awesome, he is super cool and funny. After lunch and dinner we did a lot of biking around doing work.
     Sunday we went to church and actually got to go to Gospel Principles class. I think I've been like twice since I've been here and it's been almost 4 months...pretty crazy. Anyway it was a good day at church and we got dinner at the Price's again, they are super nice.
     Well this week was pretty good and I hope yours was as well. Something that struck me in church this week is that the Holy Spirit will touch the very fiber of our beings if we but let it. The promptings we receive from the Spirit are much harder to forget than even something we see so never put aside a prompting, always do your best to follow them. Have a great week!      ~ Elder Brady