Thursday, November 27, 2014

Week 12 - Transfers!

So this week I got my second companion on my mission! Woo haha.  Last Monday we had a Zone Activity where our whole zone got together
and played some volleyball and did crafts. Oh and some basketball. I
never made it to the crafts.... Oh well! It was way fun and everyone
together had a blast!
So because Elder Seely was getting transferred on Thursday we went
around and saw everyone he wanted to say goodbye to. It was cool
seeing all the good friends he had made and sad that he had to leave.
He was made a District Leader though so that's cool!
On Wednesday Elder Jones and I were stuck cleaning pretty much all
day. Elder Seely and Elder McInerny had to pack because they were
leaving. So basically I felt like a cleaning maid all day. That is not
a feeling I will cherish. Jammed out to music though ha as good as you
can jam to missionary music. It was fun though, always fun.
Transfers were on Thursday, as was my 3 month mark! Woo!! Anyway Elder
Seely left and my new companion is Elder Oyler. He is from Filer,
Idaho which is over by Twin Falls. He actually knows my cousins and I
know his....crazy! He also trained the same time I was being trained
and when we (the new missionaries) walked in he thought he was going
to be my trainer. But no. He is my second companion haha so cool! It
was meant to be. I might be bad luck though because he crashed last
night for the first time on his mission and he has been out over a
year. Not good, not good at all. It was way funny though haha.
We, as a mission, are working hard with members and trying to reach
people through them so finding has slowed down a little. It will
bounce back up here pretty soon. It's going to change how this mission
works and it's going to be awesome! Always working hard and trying to
bring some light to others. That's the goal.
Love you all,
Elder Brady
E. Brady fishing.
E. Brady & E. Oyler doing a little fishing.
Wow! Potatoes at 5 Guys are from Garth Sutton Farms
in Rexburg, Idaho, where I worked spud harvest last year.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What do you want to Become?

Had a pretty dang good week this last week.

On Monday we went and played some football and it was awesome! Boy do
I miss that sport. Something funny that happened Monday night as we
were coming out of a lesson at 8:30 we got a text from the other
elders in our apartment saying we were having an apartment ship
meeting and to meet at Taco Grande. This meant that we were going to
meet there and just get milkshakes! (Makes no sense at all unless you
are a missionary.) Funny thing about Taco Grande is that it is a
Mexican restaurant, run by Filipinos, and the best thing to get there
is a sandwich and milkshake...... also doesn't make sense unless you
are a missionary. Well no even then it still doesn't make sense.
On Tuesday we went to Su Pollo for lunch and ran into a guy there
named Don Pascal. After he and his friend asked us where we were all
from he said he was going to buy us lunch! How sweet is that!! He was
a way nice guy and totally awesome!

Wednesday was Elder Jones's 20th birthday, so now I am the only one
under 20 in the apartment . . . WooHoo! Anyway we had cake and a party
and it was crazy haha. After we finally got out of the apartment Elder
Seely and I went and raked leaves at one of our investigator's house.
His name is Jason. Well I guess it wasn't really raking until the end
because we got to use a leaf-blower! That made things super nice. When
we got all the leaves into a pile we jumped in. We couldn't help it
the pile was huge and just too tempting!

This week was colder than it has been and I whipped out the gloves for
biking. It's not too cold, nothing like back home, but once you get
going its a little bit chilly.

Last night there was an awesome fireside. It was a New and Returning
Member Fireside. So basically it was a couple people telling their
stories of conversion and their testimonies. It was so great. Brian Emmons, a new member in our Ward, was asked to talk and he did a great job!

This gospel leads to happiness and joy, just open your hearts and let
it in. We can all learn something new from it every single day,
something that can help us become. Become is a work that is pretty
vague. Just think about that a little bit. 

What do you want to become? 

Elder Brady
Celebrating Elder Jones 20th Birthday
Raking and Blowing Leaves - Service for an Investigator

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fast and Testimony Meeting

So this week has been a pretty good week. We found and taught a new investigator, his name is Sherman Smith 3rd. How cool is that! He is a ripped, black dude with dreads and he is awesome! He had a rough upbringing but is super knowledgeable of the Bible and wants to change and serve God. He has started changing his life already and he actually came up to us on the street and asked us if we were "brothers in God" and we went from there. We had two lessons with him this past week and he came to church too which was a super awesome experience. It was Fast and Testimony meeting, because last week was Stake Conference, and towards the end of the meeting he leans over to me and said he wanted to get up and say something. I told him he could but then he said I should, that I needed to lead by example. Man he got me ha so when the speaker went down he jabbed me in the ribs and I got up and bore my testimony. Then he got up and bore his. He talked about how the world is dark and cold and how we all need the Lord. It was super sweet! He is a pretty cool guy. 

Sherman Smith III & Elder Brady

Later in the week Elder Seely and I were out late and we hadn't gotten to eat dinner so we were starving. We were flying down Route 1 to go get some food and stopped to talk to a guy waiting for the bus. We didn't get his contact information but he did give us a pizza and some drinks! We weren't sure if we should eat it or not but we came to the conclusion that it was all part of the mission experience, so we did. It was super funny. We haven't died yet so it's all good! Staying alive staying alive! 

Lots of Love, Elder Brady
Elder Seely & Elder Brady having some fun after Elder Brady slid
down a hill on his bike on a wet day, now he is all nice and muddy.

Monday, November 3, 2014


     This week was a fun week. What else can you say about Halloween week though right? Nothing too insane happened but we are all insane in the Fort so it's ok.

     On Wednesday we went to Cold Stone and got some ice cream of course but Elder Seely did work. While we were munching on ice cream he was talking to the lady behind the counter about the church. Ice cream in one hand, pass along card in the other! Got to say he is one heck of a trainer!

     Skip to Friday and Halloween! We dressed up but it didn't start out that way. First we were going to just wear mustaches but again Elder Seely took it to the next level. So we all ended up getting things we had around the apartment and dressing up the best we could. We had a Zone party and got to watch Despicable Me 2 and Frozen! It was awesome!! Those movies are even more hilarious when you're out on a mission.

     November has struck. It came in with a vengeance. It was warmish during October, but November flipped the tables on us. It's getting cold now. Cold and windy, but with the cold weather there has been some blessings. Our teaching pool has been running more on the dry
side lately but late in the past week we had multiple people come to us and say they want to come to church or have us teach them! One of them, a guy named Sherman, even said we could come teach his mom too! It's amazing what God does for us each and every day.

     A quote I found this week that has come to mean a lot to me. 
     "If you are on the right path, it will always be uphill."
                                              - Henry B. Eyring

Elder Brady