Tuesday, August 2, 2016


     Well another week is down and gone and it was a pretty awesome one. I hope y'all had a great week and did at least something fun. We did a lot of service and we had some sweet things happen! We definitely received some blessings from God.
Thugs, we dem boyz!
(Me, Elder Strawn, Elder Hart, Elder Horman)

     On Monday we did our usual shopping and then we met up with the Favero boys, members of our ward, and went to lunch with hem and then the batting cages! We got to take a couple rounds of hits and it felt way nice to swing a bat. It's been about three years now since I've taken some hacks and it was nice! After that we went back to their house, emailed and hung out with them. They have a sweet band setup in their basement and they played for us so we basically got a free concert...plus we got to play a little too and it was awesome! After that Sister Martinson gave us both haircuts, looking fresh.
     Tuesday we went with the McLean elders to help them with some service. We filled wheel-barrows full of gravel, pushed them a half mile down a trail, and dumped them on the trail to make it nice. It was a killer shoulder and forearm workout for sure, we were all pretty dead  afterwards. After that we washed our car for zone conference tomorrow, we got it all shined up and looking good! Then we had dinner with the Newman's, a sweet part member family. Tom is not a member so after dinner we taught a little short lesson and hopefully we can continue to teach him.
Elder Horman, Elder Hart, Nadia,
(Marichy's daughter) Me, Marichy, Elder Strawn
     Wednesday morning we finished cleaning the car and then headed to Zone Training, we won the clean car award! Heck yeah!! Anyway President talked about missionary work and using technology to better it, the AP's talked about helping people make and keep commitments. At lunch we played lightning and Dan (Huntsman boy) won and everyone went crazy, it was awesome! Then we had dinner with an investigator, Marysusan and her son (Daniel) and his girlfriend (Danielle) and we taught Daniel and Danielle a lesson afterwards. They both have become new investigators whoop whoop! They are super sweet!
     Thursday we cleaned our apartment and then went to the Lewinsville Retirement Center to do our service there. We helped a couple people who came in with their technology, but it was a slower day, not very many people came. We had dinner with the Hamilton's and they asked us to house sit for them because they are going on vacation. We water their plants and feed their fishies and eat their food, haha it's a pretty sweet deal.
     Friday we were with the McLean elders most of the day. We went to the leasing office and did some online work and then we were supposed to help someone move, but that didn't work out, they are moving a different day, so we all went to dinner at a members home in our ward, the Parker's who are super sweet. They have a crazy dog though, his name is Rufus. Elder Strawn and I were petting him and he was super nice, but then they put him outside and it's like he was a different dog. He was barking and snarling at us and trying to bite us through the glass. It was pretty crazy.
Helping Marichy move
     Saturday we had our Stake Missionary breakfast where all the missionaries in the Stake meet at the Stake President's house for breakfast. We did service afterwards for a lady the McLean sisters have taught, her name is Marichy. We were there all day helping her move stuff and pack and it was a lot of work. She was super cool though and fed us lunch and dinner, and we prayed with her before we left so that was cool.
     Sunday was a good day, church was way good. They talked about Family History and Genealogy in sacrament meeting, then Faith in Jesus Christ in our second hour class, and opposition during the third hour class. It was a really good one. After lunch we went back and helped Marichy again until dinner. While we were helping her we got a text from a girl that has been investigating for years, but because she was under 18 her parents wouldn't let her get baptized, she still comes to church but we don't really teach her. Anyway she texted us and said she thinks she's ready (she's 18 now) and that she wants to be baptized this Thursday! Yeah buddy! So we are going to have to run through the lessons quick and make sure she's ready and then get it all set up, but it's going to be awesome! Her name is Meghan Torres. Then we had dinner at the Hartt's and then back to Marichy's to help her some more.
Helping Marichy get her sunglasses out of her hair
     This past week has been sweet! We did a ton of service and taught a few lessons, got a few new investigators, and had someone say they want to get baptized out of nowhere! That's a first for me, I guess it adds to my testimony that service brings blessings. When we focus on others instead of ourselves things tend to work out a lot better then if we focused on just ourselves. That's just how things work, God can do more with our lives than we ever could. We are super stoked to help Meghan get baptized and to help our other investigators progress to baptism. It's been a good, exciting week for sure. I hope y'all have a great week this next week and see the blessings in your life because they are there, sometimes it's just hard to see them. Trust in God and his plan, it's far greater than ours.     ~Elder Brady
Elder Horman broke the doorknob of our
member's door. (Not really it was already broke)

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