Monday, August 15, 2016

Last One Standing

The Concert! Meet the Dropoutz!
     Hey everybody I hope y'all had a great week and something special happened for you. My week was pretty good but before I go into that I'm going to explain the subject line, Last One Standing. I am the last missionary that came out in my group that is still out here on a mission, the rest have gone home early for school. I miss them, but wish them the best. It's a little weird to be the "oldest" missionary in the mission but kind of cool, anyway I'll tell you about my week.
     On Monday we did our shopping and emailing and then we had our Zone Activity which was over in Arlington. We played spike ball and sand volleyball and it was a lot of fun. Elder Horman lost in "What are the odds" and had to race Sister Tankersley, he was winning but all of a sudden he tripped and rolled and she cruised to the finish for the win. It was pretty funny! We had dinner at the Rhee's, their son (Andrew) leaves for his mission in 8 days so they were asking a lot of questions about getting ready to leave and really just missions as a whole. After dinner we went to the Favero's and they did a little concert for us and their family, it was awesome! Their band is named The Dropoutz.
     Tuesday we had our Zone Training and the Zone Leaders asked me to talk a little bit about working with members. It's super important as missionaries to work with members because that's who actually does the best missionary work, the members. They have their friends and they are setting an example everyday which leads to opportunities to share the gospel with someone who knows they care about them. It works a lot better than what we can do as missionaries. After Zone Training we took Elder Strawn to the Apple Store to fix his iPad and then when that was done we grabbed some dinner and Elder Horman and I went to the Hamilton's to feed their fish and water their plants.
     Wednesday was National S'mores day! We went to a diner and got some s'mores milkshakes, which were pretty good, and then we went to the leasing office to do some online work. We had dinner with the Landes's and we ate outside so it was kind of like a picnic, it was fun. In the evening we met up with the McLean elders and sisters and we made s'mores, it was sweet!
     Thursday we checked up on the Favero's dogs (they have 3) because we are dog watching for them, while there we shot some hoops and Blue (a Doberman Pinscher) would try and get the ball from it us, it was pretty funny! We got my bike taken care of and ready to be sent home and then we went to do service at the Lewinsville Retirement Home. We had dinner with the Merrill's and then we checked on some potentials but no one was home.
Sitting in a Mini Cooper. Brady & I

     Friday Elder Strawn had the Endure to the End meeting so we took him to that and then I had my temple recommend interview with President. After the meeting we went to see the Hodgdon's, a family in my last Ward, and lunch with them. It was good to see them again and talk with them about things. When we got back we went and checked on the dogs at the Favero's and then we had sand volleyball with Marysusan, Daniel, and Danielle. That was super fun like always and we set up another lesson with them. They are awesome!

     Saturday morning I had my departing temple trip, usually we do it the day of transfers but the temple is closing and today was the last day it was open until after I leave so we went to today. There are a couple missionaries that are going home with me from the group behind me for school so I'm not the only one going home this transfer. The temple was amazing like always and I love going, it was kind of weird though because I was thinking that this would be my last time going through the temple as a missionary.....just a weird feeling.
Me, Brayden Funn, Brady Richardson, & Elder Horman
     Sunday was a good day, Andrew Rhee gave his farewell talk because he leaves on Tuesday and he did really good. After church we were asked to be in the circle for another priest getting ordained to be an elder, that was awesome. Then we went to the Rhee's for the "missionary luncheon" they had going on, there were a bunch of nonmember there so it was really good. We had dinner with the Sutton's, who are an awesome family, and we gave their daughter a blessing. Gabby is 17 and asked us to give her a blessing right before we left, it was sweet being able to do that. She texted us later in the evening and said how much it helped her, it was great. Then we went to the Richardson's and were there for a bit with the priests, they are an awesome group of young men.
     Well I hope you all had a great week and are seeing God's hand in your lives. Focus on the good instead of the bad and keep your head up, keep smiling! This next week is my last full week in the mission so if you are going to send me a letter send it in the next couple of days so I can get it before I go home, thanks! Have a great week!
     ~Elder Brady

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